What Anti-Virus software do you recommend?

ESET NOD32 is the anti-virus protection we recommend for any size business or home user. ESET NOD32 performs regular virus database updates as well as system scans to ensure you are protected against the most recent threats. The best part is that it is not resource heavy. This means that it doesn’t slow your ocmputer down when it scans, updates or just runs in the background keeping you safe online.

What is spyware or malware?

Malware is another word for spyware which is the bad stuff such as keyloggers, pop ups, and similar programs that can infect your computer and cause problems. Originally designed as a marketing tool, companies use malware to monitor your surfing and internet buying habits. They use this information to redesign their websites and offerings to improve their ranking and profits. Even the most savvy user can get a malware infection. Unlike viruses, malware can not spread on its own. It must be clicked on and/or downloaded to infect and spread. We recommend Malwarebytes anti-malware software to protect your computer against these malicious marketing tactics.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

At this point, we strongly advise against upgrading to Windows 10. There are many reasons, the main being that you can not control Windows updates. This is an issue because there are updates that can break things. If you can’t control updates, the bad or broken ones could break features on your computer or affect the operation of the computer as a whole. For more details, please contact us before deciding to take the upgrade.

Should I let my browser save my passwords?

The short answer is “no”. If your computer, phone or tablet is lost or stolen, the thief has access to all of your accounts and sensitive information. But, what are you expected to do when more than half of our lives are conducted online and attached to a password protected account? We have evaluated and recommend secure password managers, Dashlane or LastPass.

Should I buy a new computer?

The average computer has a life span of three years. This means some will last six or more and some will last less. Over time you may start to notice that your computer just doesn’t run as fast as it used to, you are running out of space to store your files, your computer crashes/reboots, or you are having general problems. The next question to ask yourself is should you buy a new computer or upgrade? The biggest thing to consider is how old your computer is versus your budget. Upgrading parts will probably help your computer, but, if it’s a few years old, you have to consider that it might not be long before it starts to go bad. We can help you determine if your computer can be upgraded and what the cost benefit is versus a new computer.

If it is determined that your computer can not be upgraded or doing so would not make sense financially, we can also help you with a new computer purchase. There are many factors involved with purchasing new computers. Unfortunately, there are many people in business that would like nothing more than to sell you a new computer with lots of add-ons and accessories you just don’t need. Going to any of your “big box” stores for a new computer purchase will net pretty much the same result: a Windows 10 system full of unnecessary programs installed for advertising purposes and a resource heavy, overly expensive anti-virus program that may last one to two years before it dies or you get so fed up with it that you purchase another one. We can help you decide what type of computer you should purchase based upon your specific needs, and purchase one with a reliable operating system and no resource hogging, unnecessary programs In fact, the computers we sell come with three-year onsite warranties standard or as an add-on option. Contact us for more information.

Should I buy a laptop or desktop?

The choice between a laptop or a desktop depends largely upon how it is used. If you travel or use different work stations, a laptop is an obvious choice. You should, however, be sure to turn the laptop off before moving it. Consistent movement, jarring or being dropped can damage a standard hard drive resulting in a pricey repair. If you must move it and shutting down isn’t an option, consider a solid state drive.

On the other hand if you just want to reduce the size of how much room your computer takes up, there are a couple of other factors to keep in mind. A laptop takes up less space but they are not really designed to replace a desktop computer. Laptops were truly designed to be operated for a couple of hours and then turned off to let them cool down. They don’t have the airspace that a desktop does on the inside, so they run a little hotter and need some cooling down time. If you run a laptop for 8 hours a day or more it won’t last as long as a desktop will. Also unless you plug in an external keyboard and mouse, the work space isn’t quite as comfortable as a desktop for most people. The keyboard is smaller, a little hard to get used to and most laptops don’t have an easily accessible number pad like a regular keyboard. The touch pads are often aggravating to some people also. Others prefer to use a laptop with an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard because of the size problem, but this allows them to unplug and take the laptop with them when they need the mobility.

What brand of computer should I purchase?

We strongly recommend spending a few dollars more and getting a Lenovo. This is the company that purchased IBM’s Thinkpad division, and they are heads over the rest. They have a patented hard drive protection that is superior to all of the others.

What internet service should I use?

This depends on what is available where you are. Some types of service may not be available for your area. The first preference is broadband, also referred to as high speed internet. The two most common options are cable (from your local cable company) and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), which uses a special type of connection over your phone line DSL should not be confused with a dial-up service, as it does not require an additional phone line and does not tie up the phone. For most home users, either of these is sufficient to keep you happy while surfing. If you’d like to find out what is available where you live, please call us. We are Charter (broadband) and Exede (Satellite) resellers and can help you not only determine what is available, but also get you set up with your best available option.